Back and neck - pain and neurological symptoms

The many functional conditions of the spine and nervous system can mimic each other and overlap in signs and symptoms.

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Sports and peripheral injuries

To effectively treat these conditions its important to tailor therapy to the individual condition or combination of conditions, with the aim of providing the body with an optimum framework to enable a fast and quality mend.

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The benefits of a yoga practice are achieved through consistency. We support you in that. Whether you have an injury sustained on or off the mat, we’ll help you work through it with efficiency while maintaining your practice.

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Headache and Migraine

Neck dysfunction plays a role to a greater or lesser extent in three of the most common headaches; tension-type headache, migraine, and cervicogenic headache. Jaw dysfunction also commonly causes headache.

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Vertigo and Balance

Vertigo and balance issues can be related to many conditions, more serious conditions can be associated with chest pain (cardiovascular) or neurological symptom’s like numbness, weakness or palsy (TIA, stroke, tumor).

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Work and Posture related injuries

Extended sitting, repetitive lifting, repetitive strain, inactivity, prolonged computer and phone use are diseases of 21st century lifestyle and industry.

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