Treatment Information


Initial consult 40 min
Long consult 30 min
Standard consult 20 min

The second appointment will be a long consult.
Progression to standard appointments will be determined by the complexity of your condition.

Chiropractic is available for referral from your general practitioner via EPC program, workcover and DVA for some conditions. Its included under extra’s cover from private health insurance, depending on your level of cover, we have a HICAPS terminal to scan.

Treatment Hours

Blackheath Clinic
Monday morning and afternoon
Wednesday morning
Thursday afternoon
Saturday morning

Treatment Modalities

  • Spinal and peripheral adjusting
  • Dry needling
  • Blocking and activator
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Muscle and fascia lengthening and release techniques
  • Brain based rehabilitation exercises
  • Conditioning and postural exercises
  • Foot leveller / foot orthotics
  • Denneroll postural orthotics
  • Metagenics supplements
  • Ergonomic/postural training