Sports and peripheral injuries

Whether rock climbing, running or team sports, anyone serious about their sport knows that consistency in training is paramount to long term gains. We support you in that. We help you train through injury and aim to get you back on track.… asap!

Pushing your body to its limit, contact sports, poor technique and repetitive actions all contribute to musculoskeletal injury. The myriad of possible sports injuries is too numerous to name here, they do mostly fall under the classification of a few common pathologies, which each respond to a different set of specific evidence-based treatment protocols.

Treatment is initially targeted at the damaged structure, providing the body with the optimum framework for a quality mend.  Secondly, we assess any underlying structural imbalance, dysfunctional movement and brain-based activation issues which contributed to the injuries development. Resolution of these not only helps prevent recurrence but provides a solid platform for the next level in performance. Commonly, treatment will combine interventions such as movement pattern re-training, muscle and fascia length and tension rehab, theraband and weighted exercises, technique and postural training, brain-based activation exercises, spinal and peripheral adjusting, orthotics and supplements.

Prevention is better than cure, keeping your spine and body moving well and recruiting optimum movement patterns, improves performance and helps avoid injury.