Why Chiropractic?

Modern chiropractic is a safe and effective tool to rehabilitate acute injury, address underlying issues contributing to its development and prevent recurrence and chronicity.

Movement has been shown to be the most important factor in successful treatment of musculoskeletal injury, both integrated movement of the body and the return to cultivating an active life. Put simply, chiropractic treatment is a combination of movement-based interventions that promote tissue healing, facilitate healthy brain activation and output, reduce pain and increase mobility.

Chiropractors are licensed regulated professionals who have completed a 5-year master’s degree in the manual treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions. Modern chiropractic embraces evidence-based treatment protocols, integrating research across all manual therapies including chiropractic, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Evidence has shown that taking a multimodal approach to treatment achieves the best outcomes. Employing a combination of spinal and peripheral adjusting with muscle and fascia release techniques, brain based and conditioning exercises, postural training, craniosacral therapy, customized foot orthotics, supplementation and ergonomic/lifestyle advice; I aim to give you the best chance at success in resolving your injury.

Chiropractic is a very safe option for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and there is plethora of research confirming this. As a primary contact health provider every patient I see undergoes a rigorous diagnostic protocol to determine the precise cause of a patient’s complaint; whether they are a candidate for conservative treatment, for co-management with other medical and/or allied health care professionals or direct referral to someone who is better equipped to manage the case. Safety is my first priority, if any concerns are revealed during the history or exam, they will be thoroughly investigated before commencing any treatment.

Chiropractic can help people of all ages, for the young and mature treatment will be modified to suit the individual. Prevention is better than cure, coming in periodically to maintain good function of the body and nervous system helps reduce injury and keeps you moving well and feeling great.