The benefits of a yoga practice are achieved through consistency. We support you in that. Whether you have an injury sustained on or off the mat, we’ll help you work through it with efficiency while maintaining your practice.

I will work with your teacher and style of yoga within a framework of healthy biomechanics and knowledge of optimal movement. Initially we focus on the recovery of any damaged structure, followed by assessing the whole body to uncover any underlying contributing factors. This is paramount to long term resolution and we emerge from injury empowered and better than ever.… more resistant to injury, more capable.

Treatment will combine interventions such as movement pattern re-training, muscle and fascia length and tension rehab, theraband and weighted exercises, technique and postural training, brain-based activation exercises, spinal and peripheral adjusting.

Prevention is better than cure, keeping your spine and body moving well and recruiting optimum movement patterns, improves performance and helps avoid injury.