Work and posture related injuries

Extended sitting, repetitive lifting, repetitive strain, inactivity, prolonged computer and phone use are diseases of 21st century lifestyle and industry. Conditions associated with this range from neck and back issues, elbow and shoulder injury, disk injury, sacroiliac strain, muscle strain, nerve impingement, headache and even dizziness and nausea. It’s not just adults who develop these symptoms, commonly kids are experiencing the same conditions associated with excessive phone, computer and gaming device use. 

An important factor in treating these conditions is to seek treatment early and establish strategies to combat these activities before the condition becomes difficult to manage. Diagnosing the acute condition is paramount, along with assessment of ergonomics, posture, movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Treatment involves manual therapy to address the acute injury and specific exercises to address posture and balance out the strain put on the body due to repetitive or extended activities.